Infiltrations under fluoroscopy

Fluoroscopic ultrasound is an examination that allows the joint to be seen in real time as the procedure is carried out


Why is fluoroscopy prescribed ?

For various treatments, such as :

Intra-articular infiltrations

Facet blocks

Foraminal blocks (or selective epidurals)

Intra-articular infiltration under fluoroscopy involves injecting an anti-inflammatory agent into the joints, bursa or tendons to relieve pain and inflammation. Facet blocks under fluoroscopy involve injecting the drug (cortisone) into the facet joints of the spine (cervical, dorsal or lumbar) to temporarily relieve pain.

Several injections may be required. If so, a time interval is recommended between each injection (maximum of three injections per year at the same site). Selective epidurals, commonly called "foraminal blocks", involve injecting cortisone where the nerve roots of the spine emerge.

The course of the examination

The health professional invites you to lie down on the examination table. He or she will help you get into the best possible position for the type of procedure. The radiologist performs an initial ultrasound and examines the affected area.

If the doctor feels that you would benefit from a procedure, he or she will give you a local anaesthetic by injection (e.g. lidocaine) near the muscle or joint.

He then injects the cortisone or viscosupplement.

To help you plan, the consultation can last 20 to 30 minutes, although the actual procedure only takes 10 to 15 minutes.

A doctor's prescription is required for this examination.

If you have a prescription for an ultrasound that is not mentioned, please contact us

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