Frequently Asked Questions - General

the images of the exams will be accessible to doctors and patients on our server website. However, on specific request, the images can be copied to a USB key

Yes, the imaging tests carried out at the radiology facility require a medical prescription. Doctors, dentists and chiropractors can prescribe imaging tests according to their expertise.

Results of tests ordered urgently can be sent the same day. Other test reports are usually sent to your doctor within 48 hours.

At our facility in Esch-sur-Alzette, all X-rays are available without an appointment. For other types of examinations, we will find the best place and time according to availability.We advise you to book online CTA or to contact us.

Please bring them with you. You can take it immediately after the examination. If you need to take other medication, bring it with you. You can also take them immediately after the examination.

The radiologist is responsible for the interpretation of the images taken during the examination. But there is no scheduled appointment with him. In some cases, the radiologist may ask to see you if he or she considers it necessary.

No, the radiologist must review the images received before reporting them to your doctor. Radiology is a medical imaging technique that uses ionising X-rays. Using the images produced by the X-ray equipment, we can inspect specific areas and identify and locate foreign bodies.

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