Panoramic radiology of the maxilla

Panoramic jaw x-rays are taken outside your mouth to get an overall view of your teeth, jaw and joints.


Why do your dentists use these techniques?

The objective is to detect:

periodontal disease (gums, ligaments)

impacted teeth


a fracture of the jaw

cysts and tumors

How the examination is performed

A technologist will place your chin on a small tray and your hands on handles

He or she will use small rods to hold your head in position

Finally, he will place a tab between your teeth to spread your jaw and capture the images

In order to be able to organize yourself, you should know that the total duration of your visit can vary between 15 and 30 minutes, even though the examination itself will only last 20 seconds. The examination is painless.

Preparing for the exam

To prepare for the exam, we ask you to:

remove any metal objects from your head (jewelry, piercing jewelry, hair ties)

remove your dentures

not to chew gum or eat candy

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