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My results and reports with MY HYGIE BY XERO Portal.


Share your medical images securely outside our centre

Medical intelligence in action

Your paper medical records are a thing of the past! Access your health information and your HYGIE IMAGERIE digital services at any time, wherever you are, from your computer or mobile device. With My HYGIE, taking control of your health has never been easier

How does it work?

01. Patient arrival at the HYGIE IMAGERIE Centre

Our teams create the admission and prescriptions for the consultation requested in our system.

02.The patient receives medical imaging

and the report is drawn up

03. After the consultation 

The patient goes home and receives an email with his login details to access his images and reports via our portal.

The referring doctor receives an email with details of how to access images and reports via our portal.


Automated account creation

The first time our patients come to HYGIE IMAGERIE for an imaging examination, an account is automatically created for them.

The patient receives
an e-mail notification with a link to the portal.

You can also
print out their login details while they are still in our centre, to make the process easier.

Highly secure

All modern authentication options are supported.

These include activation of a one-time password for login, automatic account deactivation in the event of brute-force attacks, etc.

Access and share images anywhere, anytime

Whether they use a laptop, tablet or smartphone, your patients can access and download their images from any device, at any time.

With My HYGIE by XERO Portal, patients can also easily share their images with other doctors or relatives. This triggers an email containing a unique link which, together with a PIN code sent separately, can be shared with other patients.

Finally, patients can also check who has accessed their images and when from their dedicated interface.


Quick registration

It's as easy for referring physicians as it is for patients to register with XERO Portal.

As soon as the images or study they have ordered are available, the My HYGIE by XERO Portal notifies them by e-mail.

View, download and share studies

By default, referring physicians can only view the studies they have ordered.

They can download the images and reports to complete
their own medical records, or share the studies with other healthcare
health professionals, for example to request a second opinion.

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